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Beyond that bright sun, I see a brighter sun
Beyond that cool moon, I see a cooler moon
Beyond those shining stars, I see a bunch of lovely stars
Beyond the barren land, I see a stretch of fertile land
Beyond the miseries of men, I see that great joy in him
Beyond the wretched life of men, I see their prosperous living
Beyond the words I hear, I enjoy the meaning clear
Beyond the action, I read the intention free!

Keeping aside ego and vanity, sect and sex

Come on let us walk together and work together
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Francis Duggan 30 January 2008

A very positive and fine poem this one Subbaraman so very well written

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Hannah Mcgill 31 December 2007

I love the message hidden behind the words. Very deep.

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Gita Ashok 25 June 2010

Beyond all the words in this poem, I see the poet as - selfless, optimistic, empathic, simple, straightforward, godfearing, humane, patient, contented and motivational. I hope I have not left out any other qualities as evident from this composition. A beautiful write, indeed! They say: the face is the mirror of the mind. This kind of composition is the mirror of the heart, mind and spirit.

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Chitra - 11 July 2008

A beautiful composition.

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David Threadgold 06 July 2008

to see beyond is a valuable gift. it reminds us how lucky we are to have even if it is only a little.

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Kesav Easwaran 13 June 2008

behind the lines of the poem there i behold a heart full of good will and cheer...

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Linda Ori 01 March 2008

Yes, we exist only on the edge of life. There is so much more out there that we are incapable of contemplating from our shallow perspective. But since this is all we believe right now, best to create the most glorious life possible while we're living. Wonderful poem, Subbaraman - you expand our minds with your words. Linda :)

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