Beyond Fears And Pain (In Memory Of Steve Jobs-R.I.P.) Poem by Romeo Della Valle

Beyond Fears And Pain (In Memory Of Steve Jobs-R.I.P.)

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A new day has been given to me
By the Mighty One above
To refill my life with faith and hope
And reach the path of wisdom.

Mistakes- like ice cubes melt-
Enforced by an ocean of fears,
The fears that forced me
To find refuge in a cold loneliness,
This took meaning in my then, reality…

The wind of changes headed my way,
Magically touching my life!
Love and Peace disowned the fears
That was trapping me for so long!
The light was there,
At the end of the tunnel
And I have no other choice
But to move very fast with no time left
To reach that ultimate goal!
While facing adversities along the way!
Courageously, I tore down those walls,
They were suffocating me
With agony and pain! ..

Once free, like the wind,
I was able to rebuild my life
With a sharp projection-
An ideal cast in bronze upon my mind
Like a divine sculpture-
Classic-forever lasting…

The perfect image of a new horizon,
Presented to me as a priceless award
For my bravery in fighting fears,
Burying my turbulent past
And moving on graciously in life,
I was blessed with
Love and Peace for always!

©All Rights Reserved-2011

Marilyn Lott 08 October 2011

A wonderful tribute to a man who never stopped giving until he died. He would have loved this piece, Romeo. He was a brave man with so much heart and so are you to write such a poem. Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Unwritten Soul 07 October 2011

Enlightening the spirit, Inspiring all of us by those words and this is what your poem lend...Just like what Steve gave to us, a fight for life, a spirit sharing..This is perfect and greatest dedication to Steve, more than that the words you watered here growing our will and feel sooo bright. Such a nice and perfect lines! ! ! Love this Romeo :) I can feel your mission of 'Love and peace' here...i'm stand behind you for all greatest works and words for all from you..Outstanding piece. Rest In Peace Steve, thanks for all inspiration and lesson you gave to us :) and Romeo, thanks for Inviting this beautiful poem_Unwritten Soul

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Romeo Della Valle

Romeo Della Valle

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