Beyond Reason Poem by Romeo Della Valle

Beyond Reason

Rating: 4.4

Two trained legs
A pen or two
A subway fare
And a broken
Pair of pointed old broken shoes...

Is all the wealth
I have in New York City...
Sixty-nine blocks
I had to walk,
Without a coin
In my pocket...

I sympathize
With beggars now,
Not that I think
We're all trying
To reach a standard...

Kept as an ideal,
That one's value
To win or lose,
Beyond comfort
Or compromise...

What noble cause,
Stirring the soul
To sacrifice
An easy life
For a higher role:

But the need to prove,
Oneself outside,
Of existence...
Itself, a truth
Beyond reason...
Nevertheless, I survived...

Eyan Desir 17 November 2009

Very expressed good write

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Deborah Cromer 06 November 2009

Nicely done. Very intense and well understood. I like how you set this up and I love the ending. Deep and full of feeling. Good job! Debbie

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Tai Chi Italy 06 November 2009

Cor this poem has a resounding feeling of achievement in its very core...fabulous work, 'What noble cause in fine poetic deed this exhilarating poem is. Yes! You survived and it is surprising how we gather pace and possessions as time flashes the lightning coarsing through your poem. Brilliant, makes me want to run a marathon! or get on my bike! lol Smiling at you Tai

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Romeo Della Valle

Romeo Della Valle

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