A Naked Language Poem by Romeo Della Valle

A Naked Language

Rating: 5.0

The heart is deceived by a muted tongue
That is bound by captivity...
A feeble voice- Uncertain wrong
Is divested of word's gravity...

Let my silence be stripped of a story,
A naked language barely heard,
Below the surface a deeper need
Damns the mind which bridges no word...

I told of nothing at all when I called,
So imprisoned was I by fear
That if I saw an open door
I would not trust it not to disappear...

The walls around have been tightly closing,
Pressing out the air from my lungs
Trapping myself within a building
Slowly vanishing from the horizon...

©All Rights Reserved-2011

Edward Kofi Louis 09 May 2017

A muted tongue! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 09 May 2017

Word's gravity.... congrats on being picked... a highest 10+++++++

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Akhtar Jawad 09 May 2017

The helpless men suffocating in a vacuum, speaking where there is no medium to transform there speech in sound waves that can propagate. A perfect selection as members poem of the day, congrats.

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Tom Allport 09 May 2017

a powerful write of feelings felt when in fear? ...........well written.

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 30 April 2011

My dear friend, you are a great poet. The poem is very touchy. The sentiments are very poignant. Your description is very effective. Loved to read. Thanks for sharing.....

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Mantu Mahakul 09 May 2017

An amazing naked language is barely heard from heart's beat. A muted tongue observes the captivity. Slowly vanishing from the horizon pressed air gives here breath. This is really very interesting sharing. An amazing poem this is. Congratulations! ..10

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Pranab K Chakraborty 09 May 2017

The silence and solitude illustrated with a balanced way to imagine the language of subconscious. Nice catch. Thanks.

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Richard Wlodarski 09 May 2017

Out of the imprisonment of fear surfaced this elegant and profound poem. Congratulations on Poem Of The Day!

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Muzahidul Reza 09 May 2017

The heart is deceived by a muted tongue, Excelent

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Ramesh T A 09 May 2017

Heart is hard pressed for want of words to say in a naked and open way! It is human experience in life sure, my friend! congratulations for your Poem of the Day!

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