In Pursuit Of Happiness Poem by Romeo Della Valle

In Pursuit Of Happiness

Rating: 4.9

In the pursuit of happiness, ..
I have crossed many bridges…
Climbed many mountains
& traveled many roads;
Some very smooth..
some very bumpy..
I have run very fast…
sometimes very slow…
But, nevertheless,
I have learned my lessons…
I have learned the hard & painful way…
That not all dreams come true..
Happiness becomes a matter.
of the mind and the heart…
Now I cry without tears...
& try to mend my broken heart…

Now I realize..
that where there is an ending..
There is a new beginning..
& what I thought was a loss..
turned out to be..
a blessing from the sky...


Hum Riyaz™ 17 January 2012

Very touching. Could say that it spoke to my soul :)

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Okoye Charles Chukwudi 04 March 2012

Its nice....lucky you romeo....lucky you. Nice poem....+

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Double A P 28 June 2011

In Pursuit of Happiness is a very truthful poem anybody can relate too, telling the truth about life is very beautifull aswell as inspiring, showing us that when we are down we always can get back up. Very well done 10/10.

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Alex Kenneh 04 August 2011

Yes, I do see it. I appreciate this.

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Kyle Youngblood 20 September 2011

A brighter side of pain, life's problems, and sufferings...10/10 Great poem!

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Vidya-Murali 29 May 2020

Beautiful lines about life

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Cheryl Tutaan 09 May 2017

Truly, I was relieved by your inspiring words...Thank you so much, Sir...+++++10

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Melissa Patty 25 May 2016

This poem has such a beautiful message really touched me , much deserved 10!

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Amitava Sur 29 July 2014

A poignant write with a lovely realization that there may be some failures in the passage but that is not the end. Thank you Romeo, Keep well my friend

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Captain Cur 09 May 2012

Great ending, where the end becomes the beginning. Lovely poem, fluid and meaningful.

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Romeo Della Valle

Romeo Della Valle

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