Big Girls Don'T Cry Poem by Lara W.A

Big Girls Don'T Cry

Rating: 4.8

I would like to meet you
Desperately need to learn your name
One of these days,
One of the days when i need you,
I'd like you to be there,
Please don't fail me the way others do.

Like a lover would
Save me, from everything i know
And everything I don't wish to know
I'm weary and jaded
My young heart doesn't grow gracefully
Do I have to wear a tag for you to finally see?

I'm so alone
I think God knows
I run, I crash, I burn
If I speed and never look back
Maybe He won't notice me?
I cry behind my sunglasses
I shiver in my car
No they cannot see me break,
Big girls don't cry.

I sleep like a little child,
Beneath the blanket I would hide
And like a scared, lost child
I only want to hear good things
So don't terrify me with any of your war stories,
Or teach me about the poor, homeless man.

Must remind myself to breathe,
To walk ahead, and not fall off
I check my reflection in the mirror,
To ascertain my visibility
Cause I feel so plastic
A cheap, cracked polysterine,
Waiting in line to die.

And like a broken child,
Like a curious innocent,
Who feels deeper than any other souls,
I wander like an orphan
Seeking for a house that feels like home
Only in my dreams,
You're always there to save the day...

Peter A. Crowther 17 July 2005

Good poem but rather sad

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RoJa Mitchell 15 July 2005

read, liked it, rate it :)

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