Mum, I Wanna Marry A Rockstar (Is That Okay?) Poem by Lara W.A

Mum, I Wanna Marry A Rockstar (Is That Okay?)

Rating: 5.0

I told my mum
“I wanna marry a rockstar”
I don’t want a lawyer
They talk way too much
I hate structures, mum
Lawyers – they obey everything
And they quote Sections and Articles
From the Federal Constitution
Those are their mantras.
Yikes! That's gross!
I would rather study Dalai Lama
And quote Sun Tzu.

I don’t want an accountant
They’re stingy and predictable
I should know
My friends – they’re neat to the core
They carry rulers everywhere they go.
They apply prudence concept in their life -
Where provisions for doubtful debts
Always comes in handy.
Everything has its maturity value -
They have some sort of
Obsession with the idea of depreciation.
Oh and you can expect them to say:
“You owe me RM 13.21”

I don’t want a doctor
They’re too boring
My uncle’s a doctor
And he’s not my favorite.
He carries himself recklessly
Playing an ineffective role as everybody's consultant
Thinking he’s Oprah.
He appears on talk shows
Makes millions and earns temporary fame
But still, I think
There’s more to life.
He claims he’s an excellent pianist
But all he’s ever played is
The Beatles’ Let It Be
That must have been his anthem song.

Therefore, mum
I want a rockstar
Rockstars are cool
They write lyrics so deep
We don’t understand
They dress anyway they wish
And don't mind looking odd.
I want a Thom Yorke
I want a JD Fortune
They help troubled people like me
You have no idea, mum
They say “Hold on if you feel like letting go”
So I hold on,
And I last one more day.

Linda Hepner 03 November 2005

A lot of thought behind this fun poem! And it flows!

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A. B. 28 August 2005

Anies, , , a cool poem just like the rest of ur poems. I give it 10+.

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Peter A. Crowther 17 August 2005

I agree with Sheila, this is a very good poem indeed, witty, clever and well written. Definitely a 10

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sheila knowles 17 August 2005

This is just very, very good!

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 17 August 2005

I like this one I think we all want Mine were Robert Plant or even Gene Simmons.....Good write.

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