Al3+ + So42- -> Al2(So4) 3 (I Wrote You This Song...) Poem by Lara W.A

Al3+ + So42- -> Al2(So4) 3 (I Wrote You This Song...)

Rating: 3.8

I wrote you this song
In the simplest rhyme and form
Cause you see
Not everything has to be
Difficult and complicated
2 + 2 doesn’t have to be a 5
I wish your life’s an easier version
Of that complex scientific equations
We once learnt at school.

I wrote you a song
It’s 5 am
And it would be wrong to call
Would be unethical
To disturb your moment of misery
You say it’s a sin
To melt your stubborn heart
With lollipops and candies
You say I believed too much
When I signed the cards with
“True love waits in haunted attics”

So I wrote you this song
To prove to you that I don’t sleep
Not because I’m a manic depressive
Think of me when the pillows
Turn their back on you
I wrote you this song
Because the night looked pretty lonely.

And I wrote you this song
For you to sing along
To bribe the stars to accompany
Your dysfunctional mood
I wrote you this song
Cause this is the closest I’ll ever get
To your isolated emotions
This is the only legal way I know
To adore your strange beauty.

And it won’t stop the lands from sliding down
And it won’t stop the wolves from howling sad songs
But this song is for you
Hate it
But don’t throw it out
I heard it’s gonna rain tomorrow
So I wrote you this song
(For you to cry upon) .

Linda Hepner 03 November 2005

Wonderful, especially at 5am.

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Ivy Christou 12 October 2005

Anies... what can I say apart from this was brilliant! this song of yours goes straight into my favourites.. Keep posting and I'll keep reading. (I see you are good in chemistry too apart from Poems :) Keep it up!) HBH

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Max Reif 11 October 2005

The way you start every stanza with 'I wrote you this song' and then riff off in a different way each time, makes your poem haunting and beautiful. I'm astounded by the proficiency of some of your lines, too!

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A. B. 11 October 2005

This is so touching. Gurl, you have a way with words and you really can express feelings. I wish i could write just like you. You are a real poet.

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