Big Wig Pub...Chaotic Funny Rub Poem by saadat tahir

Big Wig Pub...Chaotic Funny Rub

Rating: 4.8

Damn the skirt that had me fell.
Never drool at bawdy damsels,
have a way with magic spells.
Turn you topsy and do pell-mell.
Darn, twisted foot that had me bent.
Showed my behind, a strategic rent.
Blithely swaying, her hand she lent.
In a hoarse report my airs were vent.
Poof! She mocked'n touched her lips.
Shifted weight to jiggle her hips.
Looked I up in an awkward gaze.
Allowed my self a feigned daze.
Hush I gawked at the straining zips.
Torso taut and wow! Jutting tips.
Saw me feast and tossed her head.
Woosh! There went, a tangle of red.
Silence fell as everyone looked.
Oh me gosh, now she's booked.
Mere stubble, on a balding crop.
Without her wig, what a flop!
Devious eyed, I eased my ‘self'
So did, all the gnomes and elf!
By this time, the crowd was near.
Shifty eyes now showed her fear.
Amid loud hoots and raunchy jeers.
Leather boots and bubbling beers.
Woe be gone and half in tears.
Stomped her feet and showed her rear.

(Vintage 1996…from files)

Suicidal Magic 12 July 2009

'Damn the skirt that had me fell Never drool at bawdy damsels, Have their way with magic spells Turn you topsy and do pell-mell' very good choice of words 10++++

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Stephen Stirk 09 June 2009

Very unusual imaginative and entertaining. Clearly your very own style of writing. Best Steve

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Shashendra Amalshan 01 June 2009

hello Saadat This is a different one indeed...very entertaining, interesting one...Is it thought provoking? lolz as usual? ....this is great...i just took a cup of coffee to take deep look at one of your serious pieces...then i found this..very versatile writer you are Saadat...thanks for this one pay you with A++ for making me laugh on a tiresome day......who needs to waste time on theater when we have such stories vividly filmed by great writers? see you soon regards shan

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Jim Hogg 19 April 2009

You had me laughing here Saadat. It's bursting with energy and very picturesque. A very enjoyable poem - a drama even. jim

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saadat tahir

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