Birds 16 - The Nilgiri Pipit Poem by Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

Birds 16 - The Nilgiri Pipit

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The Nilgiri pipit

The Nilgiri Pipit is a tiny bird
a distinctive species of pipits
seen in the high altitudes
of Nilgiri and Anamalai Hills.

It is easily identified
by its richer brown colour
and a streaking on the breast
that flows along the flanks.

It has dark lores and beaks
buff coloured outer tail feathers
and throat, black-streaked
crown and upper parts.

It feeds on grass seeds
and insects, builds its nest-
a cup of grass in short grass
in the breeding time of April-July.

Just four thousand birds remain,
endangered by destruction of its
grassland habitation by wild fire,
weeds like broom and acacia plantation.

We need to avoid encroaching into
the natural habitat of animals and birds,
avoid fomenting wild fire, thus save
our flora and fauna from extinction.

Birds 16 - The Nilgiri Pipit
The Nilagiri Pipit is called " മലവരമ്പൻ" in Malayalam.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 November 2022

The Blue Mountains of South India: at the junction of three major states Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Beautiful poem about the Nilgiri Pipit. Love it! An amazing informative poem, which I like very much. TOP Score!

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Sylvia, Man's greed systematically destroys the environment and along with many a species of plants and animal have disappeared from the face of earth. Still his greed is not sated. Thank You.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 30 November 2022

I sincerely appreciate and admire your endeavour in bringing out a spectacular birds series. Full marks for this informative series dear Unniji, I love this commendable endeavour.

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Feels great to read your words, Dillipji. Thank You

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M.J. Lemon 30 November 2022

A terrific verse. I hope one day to learn that there are many more than 4,000 members of this avian family.

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It is a matter of pride to read your comments on the poem. Thank You.

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Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

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