Birds 17 - The White Bellied Blue Robin Poem by Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

Birds 17 - The White Bellied Blue Robin

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The white bellied blue robin
or white-bellied sholakili
is a blue-gray beauty with
a pale belly and frosty forehead;

Its song is thrush-like, angelic
and melodious, tit-like notes
interspersed with ringing
and harsh buzzing rattles.

The bird builds its nest of moss
and fibrous roots, in a tree-hole
or amid grass low on the ground,
lays two eggs greyish green, a season.

Its breeding season varies
from April to June; it is known
to moult its tail feathers
in the beginning of June

Shola or cõlai means grove -
patches of tropical montane forest
in the valleys of rolling grassland -
that are home to this bird.

These forest patches go on
dwindling in size, the bird
species suffers habitat loss,
thus threatened of extinction.

Birds 17 - The White Bellied Blue Robin
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Anjandev Roy 01 December 2022

Brilliant and relevant work......thanks for sharing....

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Great words sir. Thank You

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Nabakishore Dash 01 December 2022

Beautiful poem and a beautiful bird whose habitat must be conserved.

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I am glad that our lines of thought match. Thank You

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Savita Tyagi 01 December 2022

A beautiful tribute to the lovely bird. I cherish her occasional appearance on my fence.

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It is a great pleasure to watch the activities of various birds and listen to their songs. Thank You, Savita

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Nosheen Irfan 01 December 2022

What a beautiful bird. It's my favourite shade of blue. Sad to know that this is endangered species. Thanks for information sir.

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Pleased to read your comments. Thank You Nosheen

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Dr Dillip K Swain 30 November 2022

Such a lovely bird! Can the possible extinction of the said specis be saved?

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Sure, I believe. If only human greed is contained! Thank You, Sir

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Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

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