Bridge To Nowhere Poem by David Beckham

Bridge To Nowhere

Rating: 4.0

At the bar
The music moved me
Till my paycheck was gone

Out and about
New clothes, new shoes
Till my paycheck was gone

At the casino
Won once, got hooked
Till my paycheck was gone

That bridge...

Between, your Vice and Obsession
Between Reason and Folly
Between the Beauty and the Beast

That bridge to nowhere
Do not cross it...
Else you fall

Kevin Carney 07 September 2010

Nice the words just float. Love the subject its so true. Really well done write.

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Juan Olivarez 09 August 2010

The only thing you left out of the bridge was Sarah Palin, excellent write.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 31 July 2010

Do not cross it... Else you fall Good touch of subconscious. Bridge is nowhere, only between subconscious to conscious.Sometimes it comes to reality when the paycheck was gone. Beautiful metaphor. Applied intelligence win overs the emotions. Do not cross it / Else you fall. Yet bridge is somewhere and it carries us from unreal to reality. Thank you. Write more... Regards, 10+ pranab

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Zack Krzeminski 31 July 2010

awesome poem i like it because its describing the many vices that all of mankind has n it makes one stop and think bout the things one does

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