Bri's Collection Of Limericks Brought On By Bri's Boredom...[ Fourteen Limericks Written In About Seventy-Five Minutes ] Poem by Bri Edwards

Bri's Collection Of Limericks Brought On By Bri's Boredom...[ Fourteen Limericks Written In About Seventy-Five Minutes ]

1 -

Time Limit For Limericks

An hour and fifteen minutes I've got
to see how many I can jot
down.Limericks I do mean.
About limericks are you keen?
I hope some of mine hit the spot!

2 -

Boredom Doth To Poems Give Birth

Yes, I'm bored but writing can help me,
to get through this day; you wait and see.
Already I'm less bored.
To my muse I've implored,
to give me rhymes to offer thee!

3 -

A Sunny Day ‘Tis

In 'Sunny California' I am now,
sitting lazily, not behind a plow.
But south of me farmers toil,
bringing plants forth from soil.
Other farmers may raise pig, hen, or cow.

4 -

I'll Clone Myself In My Spare Time

My mate, with her daughter, has off-flown,
to parts of Europe, leaving me alone.
While I sit and bide my time,
I might as well construct rhyme,
to amuse YOU.Next, I will [ME] clone.

5 -

Reading, Reading, Reading

I must finish reading latest novel
which I do read here, in my hovel.
From library it does come.
I'll read it AND eat a plum!
At the author's feet I so do grovel.

6 -

To Build A Fence

Our new neighbor cut down some hedge,
next to his new board fence, at border's edge.
But now a gap did exist;
I fenced TOO! I did insist!
It will stand strong, I do now pledge!

7 -

Using Up Food Left By Wife

My mate did NOT leave me with 'no food'.
Oh no, ma'am or sir.That'd be so rude!
I'm but a man; I can't shop,
and what I cook is just slop!
But I'll eat what she left, though meals be crude.

8 -

39 Minutes Left

I've thirty-nine minutes on the clock
To finish these limericks.Tick tick, Tock!
Could I reach as much as ten?
We'll find out soon and then
I'll get to mending my poor holey sock! !

9 -

I Hear The Young Grandma With Her Grandkid

Upstairs a fifty-year old watches 'boy',
her grandson, a toddler, …to her a joy.
But once I heard her say 'Ow',
followed by 'OW! ! '.Holy Cow.
Perhaps he hit her in her head with toy? ?

10 -

Will I Make It To Limerick # Ten?

The race to ten limericks is now ON! !
Will ‘ten' be beauteous like a … Swan?
Or will it seem I was rushed?
Will my audience be hushed?
Will they not dare, at me, to look upon? ?

11 -

Are You, Too, Thrilled By Bri's Limerick Skills? ?

Not to pat myself on my own back.No!
But was I not VERY fast, NOT slow? ?
I think I deserve some cake,
and ice cream I will now take
from the freezer.……WHERE did it GO? ! ! !

12 -

And Almond Nuts & Maple Syrup As Well

You think cake and ice cream will please me?
Will the nuts and syrup in cupboard tease me? ?
If wife left them there,
I guess she won't care …
if belly's HUGE, next time she does squeeze me.

13 -

Fly, Fly For Your Dipteran Life! !

I hear a buzzing round about me now.
Does 'Fly' think I live in the stall of cow?
Maybe I do smell a bit,
maybe smell like cow s-h-i-t!
Maybe I smell like filthy suckling sow?

14 -

If Truth Be Told, I Thought I Might Make It To Fifteen (Seven Minutes Left)

This fourteenth limerick may be my last.
Mind's shrinking, & fingers are fading fast.
I hope these words don't get lost.
YOU must any cost! !
Oops! Alarm is ringing.My time is passed.

(September …3rd ….2019)

p.s. I took extra minutes to proofread, adding some commas along the way!

Saturday, May 14, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: limerick,humorous,boredom
This 'poem' (actually a collection of the) was published in 2019? but I changed its title's first word and now publish in 2022, hoping to garner more readersl I hope I use the correct word 'garner'. bri ;)
Bri Edwards 14 May 2022

Wow, Brian aka Bri Edwards, how do you write such fantastic little gems? ? Maybe it's because you have such a little brain. : ) bri

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