Broken Arms And Hearts Poem by Practicing Poetess

Broken Arms And Hearts

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I'd rather have a broken arm
Than a broken heart.
A broken arm will mend itself
Without too many scars.

A broken heart may never mend,
Depending on the break.
For some, the break's a fatal one
The damage is too great.

I've never known a person who
Died from a broken arm.
But fragile hearts need locking gates
To keep them from all harm.

Don't throw the key away, with haste
Or give it carelessly
You have two arms; you have two legs
But only one heart, see?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: fragility,heart,heartbreak,wisdom
This is an older poem of mine, sort of an admonition or bit of advice.
P.S: Never had a broken arm (or any other bone) before, in my entire life! But a broken heart does hurt.
Carola Hume 01 March 2019

very insightful & observant of you! thank you for the poem.

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Practicing Poetess 01 March 2019

: -) (Smile) Thank you for reading my poem, Carola!

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Mj Lemon 01 February 2019

Great poem, Poetess. This one has me thinking. Broken bones hurt, a lot. But the idea of making a broken arm and a broken heart an either/or choice. Perhaps the reality is that such choices do exist, but that we are blissfully ignorant of them. My preference is for no broken hearts and no broken arms, and no more broken legs. This gem goes to myfavourites,

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Practicing Poetess 01 February 2019

Glad I could set you to thinking, Mj! And by the way, thank you for the vote of confidence! : -)

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Narayan Lama Aviral Yatree 25 October 2017

Add a comment.Lovely poem that speaks of the reality of human life . You have infallibly stated that if the arm is broken , it can be mended but the heart can never be mended if it is broken . This is what everyone of us must keep in mind when we try to thumb through the pages of our life .Simple but smooth language and really blooming poetic art have made the poem beatiful .Best of luck .Go further ahead .

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Practicing Poetess 25 October 2017

Oh, Narayan, what a lovely descriptive comment! Even your prose comment sounds like poetry! Thank you so much; your beautiful comment will be treasured forever. Have a wonderful day!

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Troy Cochran 02 October 2017

This is a charming and poignant poem you've written here. And sound advice. I would never recommend a locking gate for any heart, esp. a fragile one (... nothing more durable than an old shoebox, at any rate; something easy to break out of should there be a resurgence of courage) So I'm glad you recommend the keeping of the key. And yet... ... and yet... there is something to be said for reckless love (... but you didn't here that from me! ...)

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Practicing Poetess 02 October 2017

The locking gate with the key part came from the 'Key to my heart' and also from 'Guard your heart with all diligence.' Reckless love is for: 1.) the very young, such as persons in their late teens or early twenties, and: 2.) older persons who are so committed, devoted, and loyal that they can abandon themselves recklessly to that one person, because the level of trust and security is so high. Thank you for your comments/compliments, and I love how poems make you THINK. You don't just rush through a reading; you ponder how the poem affects you personally. Now, THAT is charming! :)

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Rebecca Navarre 29 September 2017

A Very Heart Felt Poem! ! ! ! ! Thank You Ever So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! Ever So Many 10S! ! ! ! !

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Practicing Poetess 29 September 2017

Thank you, Becca. Yes. it's definitely heart-felt! I think most of us, if we've lived long enough, can relate to this poem.

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