Heart And Soul Poem by Practicing Poetess

Heart And Soul

Rating: 4.8

So many things to say,
Not enough hours in the day.
Please tell me all about you,
I'd like to tell you about me, too.

Each person we meet is a treasure,
Filled with riches beyond measure.
Discovering areas where we both 'click'
Common ground assures this friendship will stick.

'I know exactly what you mean'
Is music to our ears.
When kindred spirits open up,
It drives out many fears.

When you explore your inner world
I'd like to be there, too
To plumb the depths of heart and soul
Helps people stick like glue.

Sunday, February 24, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: communication,friendship,self discovery
Practicing Poetess 27 March 2019

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all my wonderful fellow-poets for their encouragement and support. As to any remaining comments that come in, I will not be able to reply anymore individually at this time, because (When it rains, it pours!) my poem just happened to be featured on a busy day when I am packing to move (relocate) , and my computer also needs attention and work. Love to this merrie band of bards, one and all. You're the best! < 3 Gratefully, pp . .

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Bernard F. Asuncion 27 March 2019

A wonderfully made splendid poem of the day. Congrats for being chosen.....10+++++++++++

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Practicing Poetess 27 March 2019

Thank you, Bernard! I was not expecting to be chosen! : -)

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Jennifer Birchall 27 March 2019

A lovely poem on friendships. Congratulations on POD dear poetess, much deserved.

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Practicing Poetess 27 March 2019

Aw-w-w-w, Thank you Jennifer, for your precious comment! : -)

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Practicing Poetess 18 April 2020

I want to give a sincere Thank You to everyone who showed appreciation for my poem by your positive comments. Unfortunately I was away from Poem Hunter on the day my poem was showcased, and was not even aware that I'd been selected as Member Poem of the Day! My apologies to the poetic community that I haven't (yet) gotten back with individual replies. Thank you again for your support!

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Bernard Snyder 27 March 2020

Awesome poem. I like it very much. Congrats!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 27 March 2020

A beautiful poem will always tingle the mind no matter how many times it was read. A well crafted and conveyed write. Great rhyme and so melliflous when read. Liked the second stanza. Congratulations!

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Dr Antony Theodore 27 March 2020

When you explore your inner world I'd like to be there, too To plumb the depths of heart and soul Helps people stick like glue. Plumbing the depths of the soul..... very fine poetic and philosophic expression dear poet.

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Kim Barney 27 March 2020

Very well done, Poetess, Congratulations on having it selected as poem of the day! Haven't talked to you lately. How are you doing? I hope the virus doesn't have you down! Read my poems " In an Unusual Place" and " Avoiding the Corona" . They will cheer you up!

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