Practicing Poetess Poems

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Newly Fallen Rain

Raindrops glistening on tree leaves
Like diamonds in the sun,
Tiny little rivulets
Of water on the run,

The Good Poets Come Out At Night

There must be something
In the moon's soft glow
That causes our
Creative juices to flow.

Heart And Soul

So many things to say,
Not enough hours in the day.
Please tell me all about you,
I'd like to tell you about me, too.

Lovely Way To Die / Second Chances

What a lovely way to die
In the arms of the one who loves you
Some must die alone; No lie
For they have no one to hold onto.

The Sound Of Peace

The sound of peace, so sweet,
Is not silence.
The sound of peace
Is words of comfort

You're The Best Part Of Me

You're black coffee; I'm the cream
I am waking; You're the dream
I am Venus; You are Mars
You're the sky; I am your stars.

Broken Arms And Hearts

I'd rather have a broken arm
Than a broken heart.
A broken arm will mend itself
Without too many scars.

Soul Tie

My eyes are blue,
And his are brown.
His hands are tan,
While mine are pink.

If You Want To Be Loved

If you want to be loved
(And we all do) ,
You gotta pay the price
You gotta make the sacrifice.

Love On Mars: (Love At First Blip)

People speak of love at first sight
With Vampires, it's love at first bite
But what's it like, beyond the stars,
To fall in love on planet Mars?

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