Broken Pieces Of Emotion Poem by Violet Llewellyn

Broken Pieces Of Emotion

Rating: 5.0

When you're broken
You have to hold in the pieces
And never let yourself
Love too deeply or hope too much
Step away
When you feel the touch
Of new days dawning
Up from the dust
Never call the name
Of what you wish
It makes your dreams
Shatter like glass
Lie strewn about
When all you wanted
Was just one wish
To mend the broken soul
That loved too deeply
And hoped too much
Punishing you, leaving you
To hold in the pieces
While they turn to dust

Phoenix Rory 31 October 2007

I love this poem. It's true. You have to be careful or you might fall apart. (Emotionally, at least.)

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Jona`e Levett 26 October 2007

oh, thats gorgous. be my friend... lol i am so impressed. i must read it again.

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Kingsley Dorian 08 October 2007

Your poems always have an earthiness to them, a sense of the natural, but there's also spirit and transendence. 'When you're broken/You have to hold in the pieces' sounds like something someone said a long time ago, and now it's been ingrained in our memory forever, something people will repeat to themselves all the time, when they're dealing with hard times. I probably sound crazy, but that's the feeling I get from reading your work.

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Adeline Foster 16 August 2007

Great title, I like.

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