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constantly on the move for our daily purchasings

these period, very crowded since corona has flooded Europe,
No! It has become pandemic!

with the strict rules and laws told by our government

too close in a formation of four?

ah, a huge fine 390,00 Euro each person

the latest TV news I heard
a fine for eight teenagers

where should they get the money?

my favourite TV program "opsporing verzocht" shows so many youngsters are breaking in other houses,
looking for cash

they are not caught yet

any connection with the fine given?

must I tell ye
I have noticed
I am being censored by my own,
my decent inside is calling me

Sunday, July 26, 2020
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in formations of:

if we are with three, we will get no fine

if we are with our four, we will get fine

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M Asim Nehal 26 July 2020

Government is not so sensible in handling this pandemic. They think fine will discourage the gathering whereas I feel self discipline will work wonders. A thoughtful poem...10++

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 July 2020

Government has made strict rules for all during this Covid-19 times. We have to take care of ourselves through personal censorship. Tv channels are busy in in their shows. You are too busy and we are also busy. Poets are busy in poetry writing. This poem is very amazingly and brilliantly penned....10..Amazing!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 27 July 2020

Perceptive write. Some lines are incisive yet it send a message of concern and thoughtfulness; a wonderful attribute of a good citizen who always cares for humanity. A marvelous poem well thought out.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 27 July 2020

I hope the government could find some ways and means to alleviate the plight of the people by the implementation of reasonable laws that people may find worthy of compliance.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 27 July 2020

I think the youth are the most affected sector as regards this pandemic especially when the effects of pandemic are not well explained to them by the family and government alike. The harsh penalty and exorbitant fines imposed in violation of the rules set forth by the government in relation to this pandemic only increased the sufferings brought about by this dreaded disease.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 27 July 2020

A very keen observation on facts of life. Insightful and informative. Each and every country has their own unique way of dealing this great pandemic. Some rules are very rigid and unreasonable and some are lax afraid not to restrain on the freedom presently enjoyed by the people.

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Sylvia Frances Chan

Sylvia Frances Chan

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