By The Lake Side...Romance On An Ice Block Poem by saadat tahir

By The Lake Side...Romance On An Ice Block

Rating: 3.7

As we stood by the lake side
An expanse so wide
For us to see
Then you and me
Our reflection in autumn tones
The placid waters hidden lies
The first chill of an errant breeze
I looked to the side rather than say please
As the sculpted flakes saunter down
Rest arrogantly on the parting geese's crown
The lumbering crane takes to air I behold
Portend the pervasive cold
Easy an slow practiced rise
Should have been no surprise
There was the swoon the croon
The fetching of a moon
The freezing lake holds my feet
Gingerly tread the storm an sleet
I Shudder I fear.
How shall I steer
My innocence naught in natures way
Or to have you sway
The lake is empty, staid.
Like the uselessness of my golden braid
We stand mute frozen in time
Until the inevitable rhyme
Weather the icy romance
To waltz and dance
I and the lake submit to natures will
To seek in time the thaw the thrill

(May 05,2009)

Sadiqullah Khan 09 May 2009

This is beautiful, the theme nad language with amazing scenes.10

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Linda Ori 09 May 2009

What an absolutely wonderful picture you paint, with such gorgeous imagery and eloquence. This is beautiful and touches the soul. Makes you realize how much of life is beyond our control, just like the weather - we weather the storms as best we can, both in life and love. Brilliant! Linda :)

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Sandra Fowler 11 May 2009

You paint well with words. A beautiful poem. May the muse always be with you. Kind regards, Sandra

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Kesav Easwaran 18 May 2009

Beautiful write...i liked the way the reflections turn eloquent there...10

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Wild Grass Cad 03 February 2017 calm..makes me see the picture through words.

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Saadat Tahir 04 February 2017

thnax for the nice words....blessings

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Irum . 18 May 2013

nice imagery... can see the arctic lake with autumn around and sauntering leaves...well painted!

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Siddharth Singh 18 July 2009

A breathtaking picture has been painted by the poet.

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Indira Babbellapati 30 May 2009

not a word out of place not an emotion redundant...and you give me the right to tear your poetry into pieces! i know you did that with confidence, doc...

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Rosalinda Martinez 25 May 2009

This for me is adorable. 'Thaw the thrill...' this would really make one think. THanks for sharing us this poem. Would get a copy of this. Good morning.

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saadat tahir

saadat tahir

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