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Cain & Abel

Rating: 4.9

The beginnings of wars begun.
Brother slew brother, mankind undone.
Crying blood of centuries of wars.
Mimics the first, done without a gun.
It was a curse to CAIN in the end.
War today is a curse, no friend.
Intensity has built through the age.
Atomic bombs, maybe the final page.
All from the flood family of NOAH.
Brother slaying brother, like coiling boa.

Every day the news spells it's ways.
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Rinzu Susan Rajan 09 January 2009

wow...amazing...! ! ! i loved the lines where in u spoke of the scriptures... and u have done it excellently... : D

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Tsira Goge 04 December 2008

JOE, Until then torments this sin mankind and proceeds it is permanent.... Therefore, kindness has decreased/ 10.... Tsira

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Tj Becker 04 December 2008

amen Great poem, well said. The world is a cold place it's time for a change.

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Marieta Maglas 08 April 2010

The war started with them...excellent poem

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Beauty Philosophy 26 December 2009

An outstanding Truth about the HUMAN nature captured in a beautifully penned poem...The evil side is inherent in everyone of us, but the person's power lies in his ability to defeat this side in him...Read my poem Inner and Outer Peace.

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Philip Winchester 03 October 2009

Clever Poem Joe, Wise way with words, Behoping perhaps someday someone will read and think twice before contriving to treat life as an expendable commoditie, like some of the junk bonds traded of late. Thanks again for viewing my Poems, oft enhanced by my devotion to Biblical Prose of our Greatest reference Book. By understanding and searching each and every day we hold in our hands the true path to Peace and can show the way.Oh boy can we show the way?

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Supriya Prathapan 13 September 2009

'So from the beginning, to today. Mankind has not changed in any way.' War can never resolve anything. History is a proof of this, yet wars happen till date and people are wasting money (which can be utilized to help the poor and the needy in this overpopulated poverty stricken world) in making weapons of mass destruction. Gr8 poem.10++

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Winnie Angel 17 April 2009

a true write..the beginning of crime in the early stages of human evlution......but the reason is human beings are generally evil and crafty in nature...........10++ Winnie

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