Can You See Poem by Valerie Dohren

Can You See

Rating: 5.0

Can you hear a gentle breath
Through fields of golden corn

Can you hear the willow shed
Her tears of dew at dawn

Can you hear a baby cry
A baby yet unborn

Shall you touch a drifting cloud
Floating `cross the skies

To swiftly touch the dancing flames
Reflected in your eyes

And so to touch a ray of light
As o`er the land it flies

And shall you speak of distant dreams
And of life`s turning wheels

Shall you speak of that great love
The veil of death conceals

Shall you speak of thine own self
That truth alone reveals

Where hangs the perfume of a rose
Before it comes to bloom

And where the fragrance of the night
Your spirit to consume

Should e`er the scent of beauty fade
Then will we sleep too soon

Can you see the smallest star
Refulgent in the night

Can you see a butterfly
Flash by you, fast in flight

Can you see the spark of truth
Behold glorious light

Dave Walker 05 February 2012

A really great poem, like it. A great write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Angels Of Peace.

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Deep Mukherjee 05 February 2012

images of augmented reality; you relate them and puzzle is complete...beautiful work done! ! !

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Peter Strugnell 10 February 2012

keep making those sparks!

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Mien Bless 26 February 2012

wow.... i think that sums it all...

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Martin O'Neill 02 March 2012

I am really enjoying your work. This is another fine piece.

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Patricia Northall 05 March 2014

Beautifully, and sensitively written Valerie, I felt quite emotional reading it... Very deep thinking but so true of the simple beauty of life. Pat Northall

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G.R. Gaus 15 May 2013

We spend too much time caught up in our supperficial realty, that we miss these more important matters of life, that you have so eloquently outlined here, open our Real-Eyes......

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Valsa George 03 February 2013

Valerie, to what wondrous experiences, you take us along! This is a gem of a write! !

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Stevie Taite 06 December 2012

I have not seen this triplet type structure, taking use through each of our senses! Like how it reads/ works. A well thought out, clever poem, (and 'can you smell' would not have worked lol)

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Tom Higgins 18 October 2012

This is a really lovely poem.

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