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Calm Be The Soul

Rating: 5.0

Calm be the soul
Full bathed in sunlight
Soft be the heart
That dwells on love
Still be the mind
That thinks of kindness
Bright be the eyes
That search above

Feared be the soul
Full bathed in darkness
Sad be the heart
That dwells on woe
Grieved be the mind
That thinks of hatred
Dull be the eyes
That search below

Calm be the soul.....

Smoky Hoss 08 April 2012

Marvellous poetry, as many have observed, it is indeed a prayer of the soul.

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Ramesh Rai 06 April 2012

i do take it as a prayer. a nice gift. with kind regards

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Diane Hine 05 April 2012

Terrifically effective having the mirrored stanzas like that. A joyful song with a sad echo.

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Walterrean Salley 04 April 2012

Sentimentally inspirational, and thought provoking. It stirs emotions, and is compelling in thought. Beautiful rhythm.

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Heather Wilson 04 April 2012

So well thought out, very calming, a really relaxing read.

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G.R. Gaus 08 May 2013

We are one with all these things, although we constantly want the good to prevail, the sadness and grief are also a part of the vast ocean we call life. Once we finally accept this idea, The Soul will be Calm again. Just some thoughts on this poem of opposites, well done.

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Heather Wilkins 12 October 2012

bright be the eyes that search above. dull be the eyes that search below. so true. nice write.

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So beautifully written; eases the mind and soul

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Karen Sinclair 09 July 2012

dear valerie your writes are just so gently calming.... wonderful

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Joseph Anderson 18 April 2012

A classic to behold-brevity, depth of thought, great flow, compassion-just another gem A 10PLUS-Joe

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