Careless Whisper Poem by Bridgid Patrick

Careless Whisper

Rating: 4.2

Whenever you would call me, I'd always be right there,
When i really needed you you didnt seem to care.
I'm a stranger in your world, I dont know where to turn,
You like to watch me waste my tears, and then to crash and burn.
I can't love you anymore, I fell for you too fast,
You dropped me when I needed you, you put me in the past.
I'm better off without you, I'll stand against the rain,
A thousand angels dance around me, they protect me from the pain.
I could have been your angel, you could have been my all,
I needed you to catch me, instead you let me fall.

Will you ever feel remorse for discarding me like trash?
For shattering my delicate heart into tiny shards of glass?
For destroying my trust in people, for taking away my laugh?

You hurt me more than words can say, you took my love and threw it away.
You were my lover and my friend. I hope I never see you again.
Now my eyes are open wide, My feelings - withered up and died.
I see your colors - mean and cruel now i know - you were the fool.

Becky Laprarie 26 January 2006

Hello your poems are deep and so touching you have such a beautiful way of writing your emotions down. Wow your poems are filled with much wisdom too-God bless your every future writing effort and thank you so much for sharing-

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Ivy Christou 02 February 2006

this a very heartfelt and sad poem Bridgid but I'm glad you have moved on! HBH

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Scarlett Treat 02 February 2006

He's the biggest loser of all because he missed out on your love, the greatest gift of all! Poor Baby Boy, he'll never know the precious gift he threw away. Linda

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Katherine Sessor 14 May 2008

It's bad when the person you care about doesn't care for you anymore but no matter what, you can always get through it. This is a fantastic poem that flows beautiffully and the reader can feel the emotions from the poem. I love it! !

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Lisa Wilkinson 12 May 2006

A very feeling poem Bridgid. How are you now? Please feel free to read my poems i'd like your opinion. keep up the good work.

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Esther Leclerc 23 February 2006

'...destroying trust' - bad love does that; and 'now my eyes are wide open' - YES, love is blind! Sadly, I get this... It's a helpless love... I think this could me made into a song with minor changes. So very good.

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Sylvia Chidi 20 February 2006

I think this is a brilliant piece.

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Scarborough Gypsy 19 February 2006

Been there quite a few times as you already know from my poems. Liked the poem but hate the title because it's not original and makes me think of George Michael. Love Gyp's

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