Politically Correct Poem by Bridgid Patrick

Politically Correct

Rating: 4.9

She looks like a hooker, regular tart,
Owes her face less to nature than cosmetic art.
'Prostitute' or 'loose woman' are terms that might irk her,
So in sanitized speech she's now called a sex worker.

He's 'person of size', he's no longer fat,
These sick-making terms tell us all where we're at.
And if I am tiny, the folks must be taught,
I'm 'verti'c'lly challenged' - its rude to say 'short'

Met a miserable queer in the park one fine day,
He said, 'I am sad, its no fun being gay,
'I'm a 'person of colour', I do like to think,
But they might not accept that because I am pink.'

The young say you are crinkly but the phrase has now shifted,
Instead of just 'old', You're 'chronologic'lly gifted'.
Oxymoronic speech sugars meaning so nicely,
This freedom's intolerance curbs meaning precisely.

Now when Nature calls and I look for a loo,
Do I 'rest' in the 'Rest Room', or is there some new
Euphemism that's right, when I cure constipation;
Will I really get comfort from that 'Comfort Station'?

We've got to the stage we can't say what we mean,
'Politic'lly correct' no more covers the scene,
There's a new phrase for that now, if you can believe
'Appropriately inclusive, should make your gut heave.

Gina Onyemaechi 07 March 2006

Razor-sharp, Bridg. I'd play on the 'political correctness' thing in this comment, if only I had the wit.: -) Warm regards, Gina.

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Ballerina With Fins 07 March 2006

witty, cutting edge. you hit the hammer on the head, without a doubt so.

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Mary Nagy 07 March 2006

I completely agree! What a great poem Bridgid! Sincerely, Mary

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John Thorkild Ellison 07 March 2006

Great stuff! ! We must all make war on Political Correctness. Well done! !

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Danny Reynolds 02 May 2007

If you can't say what you mean, you'll never mean what you say, which is why so much that's said, is so meaningless today? Danny(Reece): ¬)

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Ted Sheridan 24 April 2007

It is what it is and some people can't handle the truth....I see you can... Thanks I enjoyed the read...didn't mean to upset you with the last one but we now want to know what is in the mind of madmen.....when the truth is it is Madness and nothing more. Thanks again, going to read a few more of yours.

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Peter A. Crowther 11 October 2006

I agree with Anna - couldn't put it better

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Anna Russell 09 March 2006

Absolutely spot on! Brigid, I thought this poem was as close to perfect as it gets. Sharp, witty and seriously clever rhymes - a corker. Have a 10. This is going on my faves. Hugs Anna xxx

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Scarlett Treat 07 March 2006

Bridgid, this poem is too true to be funny. How we all tiptoe around on eggshells, trying not to offend - love from a short, fat, old broad! ! ! Scarlett

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