Cassava My Cassava Poem by mark nwagwu

Cassava My Cassava

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From wilting space you fell on me
seeking new life for all to see
your face amuck in sandy soil
where my heart is found in toil.

Tilling land in years of turmoil
dreaming season after season
that great harvest may come from soil
my labour is ripe with faith in unison

Planted stems and had you wedded
to spirits of fathers freshly faded
and now you give me big fat tubers
in answer to tractors digging prayers

Andrew mark Wilkinson 22 November 2008

Your a farmer has well as a poet... Andrew 10

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Malini Kadir 13 December 2008

Beautiful.....nice way of expressing the last two lines...are well phrased!

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Indira Babbellapati 24 November 2008

liked the phrase 'tractor digging prayers'...only a bounteous sky can bless the earth...

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Kesav Easwaran 23 November 2008

the gifting sky above...productive earth below...the linking life factor rain in between...a poem that celebrates the in coming harvesting season...more insightfully, the poet praises the love and mercy from heavens that rains down to sprout up fertility in response to his digging prayers...well written poem, Mark 10

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premji premji 23 November 2008

peasent is the treasure of nation - hitler but now he has to commit suicide... 10++

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 23 November 2008

Harvesting time prevails to commemorate with Cassava celebration.Wow what the soils and the machinery can do for us and with your poetic touch has made this beautiful piece possible to endure the celebration.Good job Mark! !

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mark nwagwu

mark nwagwu

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