This Love Poem by mark nwagwu

This Love

Rating: 5.0

Oh! so many wishes for you as you sail into the new month

Can't be documented in files can't fill pots: this love
soaring crystals the heart possesses
can’t be seen can’t be counted
mystery surpassing mystery
sculpting silences in squeaking souls
human person pleading perfection in pillaged pillows
oceans filling bottoms of shallowed lakes
lively air primes pale veins pruned of humour
breathing waves of joy into lungs squeezed of life
raining crystals on Kilmanjaro
floods my shoreless bones: this love

(for ‘Femi Osofisan)

Kesav Easwaran 09 September 2008

good poem, Mark...the lines are eloquently expressive of your affection and attachment that the poem contains 10

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Jurietta Duraan 08 September 2008

'Floods my shoreless bones.....' lovely line and it stays with me... I am not as eloquent as Yoonoos Peerbocus but you are certainly deserving of his accolades... your poem is beautiful to read, and to look at. Yuri*

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 05 September 2008

Tremendously written with superb words.Well done Mark!

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Lynda Robson 05 September 2008

Beautifully crafted and full of tenderness, thanks Mark Lynda xx

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Lourdes Schopenhauer 24 November 2008

This declaration of love is so heavily set with sparkles in every shade, perfectly fitted into the torso of the poem. I like how you by the last line drive home the quiet pace of what comes before. I also like your earthly alliterations used give the reader that exact feeling of something heavenly. A beauty.

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Clum Haire 20 September 2008

I do like it. But, I would say that I find the alliteration slightly heavy handed. There's a lot of it and I think if it were toned down a bit, it would make the poem better. Having said that, the concept is strong and I don't really see so much problem with the disconnected imagery. It adds a sense of endless variety to your love which makes it seem stronger.

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Chris Mendros 15 September 2008

How difficult it is to define love in words. It seems to me that your soaring (and, yes, somewhat disconnected) imagery is an attempt to do so thru images, since words alone do not suffice. A very honest and heartfelt sentiment, delivered with passion if not polish.

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Fred Babbin 14 September 2008

Since you asked, your imagery is very disconnected. I find it difficult to follow your train of thought.

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Viola Grey 11 September 2008

I love the line...'sculpting silences in squeaking souls''s fantastic....this is such a lovely piece with a beautiful flow...great work

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mark nwagwu

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