Cell Phone Poem Poem by Edgardo Tugade

Cell Phone Poem

Rating: 3.0

I have no space,
have so much time,
out of the race
(meter and rhyme) .

Tried to keep pace,
bet my last dime,
(meter and rhyme) .

Janri Gogeshvili 11 August 2008

In an original way, involves accent of internal dynamism … 10

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Babatunde Aremu 19 October 2012

What a good poem! You demonssrated well how a poet use ordinary things to express good messages. Great write

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Rajesh.c Bose 17 October 2014

what a wonderful creation!

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Chitra - 12 July 2008

a interesting write!

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Greenwolfe 1962 16 July 2008

This was a nice two verse poem. I love to read them because of creativity. GW62

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Bernard Snyder 17 October 2014

Very creative, Edgardo! Nice poem. Also, congrats on your poem being chosen as 'poem of the day'. Great honor and well-deserved!

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John Richter 17 October 2014

Short, to the point, and perfect cadence.... We often need brief little dalliances such as this abrupt array of words from time to time in order to cleanse the mind's palette.... Enjoyable read...

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Leslie Philibert 17 October 2014

great idea, this races along...

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Babatunde Aremu 17 October 2014

Time is insatiable. We are in want of more constantly. nice thought. kudos to you, Edgardo

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Soulful Heart 17 October 2014

enough time but no space...............simple words that carry so much of implications and observations......brilliant

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