Changing Times Poem by David Wood

Changing Times

Rating: 4.6

Polar bears vying for accommodation
Hanging their scarves over a crescent moon.
With cliffs of sea ice crashing down,
And ice melting into oceans clear.

Whale song echoing around the oceans
But their cry was a pleading cry for help
Haunting echo’s from the deep
But mankind turns a deaf ear.

Contrail lines causing deserts in
Sub-Sahara nights flying people to holidays.
Endless rain from autumn to spring amongst
The daffodils and crocuses.

Long hot summers, drought days
Endless. Heat strokes rise daily.
Politicians meandering words
Power play for big businesses.

Carbon trading, a trade off to nothing.
The worlds people a minor commodity.
The world turns to a new destiny,
A new cycle begins as money rules all.

Just a poem about the crime mankind is doing to this earth.
Lyn Paul 18 April 2013

Excellent write David, just what are these changing times doing to the planet. Thank You

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Theodora Onken 18 April 2013

Great write David; enjoyed this immensley!

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Shahzia Batool 19 April 2013

yes, Man is such an ingrate towards the mother earth! ! !

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Unwritten Soul 19 April 2013

A betrayal that done everyday but yet no action replied....but time will come where the changing times will respond the consequences for each betrayal we did to our mother earth...We just need to respect mother, for mother earth too...because the loves she shared, a beautiful write David! _soul

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It will surely spell out man`s imminent extinction from the once habitable planet David.. Your concerns have absolute and universal support.

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Geetha Jayakumar 04 September 2013

The world turns to a new destiny, A new cycle begins as money rules us... Beautiful poem on todays situations...Money is ruling us and people are mere just commodities. Loved reading it.

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Heather Wilkins 15 July 2013

this is the way the world turns good or bad we must all endure good write

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Aya Nasr 22 June 2013

The world turns to a new destiny, A new cycle begins as money rules all i loved it

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Freewill Amon 18 May 2013

This paints a picture of the way it really is. Love it.

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Chandra Thiagarajan 22 April 2013

The present situation that prevails is wonderfully portrayed in your beautiful language! Thanks, David!

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