Cheating Death. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

Cheating Death.

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why do we die?
what causes death?
Can we defy death and be immortal?
are some of the riddles
that scientists are trying to decipher.
Have been successful to
prolong the average life span
which, at present, is more.

In nineteen forty seven
Indian average was thirty,
now is seventy,
In Japan the average is
more than eighty five.
Medical facility and technology
advancements may be
able to rejuvenate life with further hike.

Indic philosophy states that
once born, death is sure
which we have witnessed so far.
But still wealthy and ultra rich
billionaires have invested their
dollars in scientific organisations
for immortality research to defy
death altogether.

Google's Larry Page, Sergey Brin,
PayPal's Peter Thiel, Amazon's Jeff Benzos
AndTelsa Motor's Elon Musk
have indicated their predilection.
Now two techniques,
Stem cell therapy wherein
an organ being damaged
would be replaced
and gene therapy
whereby the diseases that
cause death can be corrected,
are in progression.

Time has no beginning, no end.
Don't we have an end
when we have a beginning?
Can we write a new sentence
without a full stop?
can there be a new story
before ending the old one?
Scientists may be able
do evade death for some period,
Conquering death appears
impossible and extremely hard.
If at all it becomes successful
present suffering in the world
would increase many folds.

Now six hundred ninety million
go to bed each night without meal,
more than that are malnourished
and under nourished.
The wealthy might not be affected,
but the former category
would be immediately increased.

Natality and mortality stabilise
population density,
more or less commensurate
with the earth's carrying capacity
to maintain an equilibrium.
In the absence of mortality,
this would be lost,
creating a severe resource crunch,
that would multiply the present problems.
If a selected few achieve immortality
there won't be much difference
and impact.
But when resorted to by many,
disasters, worst sufferings would
be the result.

Immortality, equilibrium, disaster.
Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 April 2022

You acquired a wide range of knowledge and experience, Sir. Thank you for sharing them to us weaving them into beautiful poems.

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Nabakishore Dash 12 April 2022

Thanks Madam from my heart for encouragement.My reverence to u.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 April 2022

Very informative. I have gained so much knowledge in all your poems.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 April 2022

Another brilliant write so well presented and expressed.

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Bri Edwards 19 July 2022

'do evade death for some period, ' 'to evade'? I'll take death to/'instead of' immortality any day! ! !

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Anjandev Roy 14 April 2022

This is a magnificent piece.....thanks for sharing...

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Richard Wlodarski 13 April 2022

A very thought-provoking poem, Poet Dash. Personally, I believe in immortality, even after the physical body has died. The people that you've mentioned (you forgot Walt Disney) are in for a great shock!

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Nabakishore Dash 13 April 2022

Thanks to you for visiting my poem and the valuable comments.I don't have any thing in mind to create shock.Your belief is fully correct and I shall try to mention about in part2 as this part was getting lengthened.

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Dr. M. Asim Nehal 13 April 2022

Those who are born they are bound by the death no matter what they do, when life started it will definitely end with death. Like sunrise and sunset. We humans are greedy by nature we always want more and more. Wonderful thought provoking poem.5****

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 April 2022

A great insightful poem. I concur with your analysis as enunciated in the ultimate stanza.

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