Chocolate Balls Poem by Cigeng Zhang

Chocolate Balls

Rating: 5.0

I see a vast field of brown colored flowers
in a countryside, like small chocolate balls

This's a clear sign of the mid-autumn festival
Sweet with a little bitter taste - autumn's gifts

Savoury and mellow, fall on the earth of grass
Fall on my memory of yesterday, fall into soil

I bend down to watch the floral chocolate balls
Softly colliding each other in the wind, so gentle

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: autumn,nostalgia
Anne Yun 06 September 2016

Brown colored flowers with flavour of chocolate balls, i am really curious about what flower it is? :)

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Siddartha Montik 16 December 2016

reminds me my time in Heidelberg in Germany. Never knew that Nature can be so strong in its appearance and its vivid view and when the trees hibernate in all their calm like Modern paints of Black! almost like Jackson Pollack only found his black paint with every of his brush! and had no choice! yet the chirping birds trying so loud calling the Sunshine.. so vivid in screams and so many rhymes they could find! Thank you for sharing this piece of art! ! ! ! (admire) ! ! 10++++!

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Daniel Brick 11 September 2016

Cigeng this is an inspired poem! completely successful, it's pitch perfect, as I like to say, no word out of place, no unnecessary word, it's exactly what is needed to communicate a complex theme. Anne below is curious about the flower's identity. I'm not and this is why, your have created a hybrid image which is both flower and candy. The literal flower is identified with the figurative candy and together they are an invented reality, which makes you the Creator of Something brand new. And I want to live in the aura and aroma of this new thing on earth in Sept of 2016. Your poem illustrates the peculiar freedom of the poetic imagination.

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Cigeng Zhang 12 September 2016

Thank you for your encouraging comment. I agree with you. autumn is always a very lyrical season that is beautifully inspirational.

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Kelly Kurt 06 September 2016

I too am curious as to what those flowers may be. But the poem does elicit nostalgia and that season is just around the corner here. Nicely written

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Cigeng Zhang 12 September 2016

Autumn itself is very poetic. Thank you for your nice comment.

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Christopher Tye 06 September 2016

Really nice poem, the flowers sound wonderful.

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Cigeng Zhang 12 September 2016

Thank you for your comment as usual.

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Michael Morgan 06 September 2016

A treasure, for chocolate-lovers everywhere. MM

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Cigeng Zhang 12 September 2016

Thank you for reading my work and sharing your comment.

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