Chrysalises Poem by Jose Asuncion Silva


Rating: 2.9

The little girl, though very ill,
Went out one morning
To wander, with faltering footsteps,
The nearby hill.
She brought back mountain flowers
In which she hid
A chrysalis and, unknowing, set it
Close beside her bed.

A few days later, at the moment
She lay dying,
We all gathered round, our eyes
Red with crying,
And at the instant she departed
The whisper of wings
Was heard, and through the window,
Taking flight, escaping
Into the waiting garden, wafted
A golden butterfly.

Hurriedly, I searched for the insect’s
Now empty prison,
Then turned my gaze to the dead child’s
Pallid brow.
If the winged butterfly, I thought, leaves
Its confining cell
To find light and space and the immensity
Of golden fields,
What shall the newly freed soul find when
It bursts its shell?

Payal Priya 26 March 2017

Death is the beginning of something greater; something intangible and ethereal. A beautiful poem contrasting images of death and life only to bring a beautiful confluence at the end.Thanks for sharing☺

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Bernard F. Asuncion 26 March 2017

Awesome.... Thanks for posting....

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Anil Kumar Panda 26 March 2017

A question that is very difficult to answer. What is the destination of the soul when it leaves the body. Nice poem. Loved it.

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Tom Allport 26 March 2017

a sad poem of a child's death yet with the hope her soul will be released to a happier place?

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Edward Kofi Louis 26 March 2017

Newly freed soul! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 26 March 2017

An endearing poem of a golden butterfly, golden fields, a little girl with mountain flowers. Most effectively portrayed by the poet.

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John S 26 March 2017

At birth a cattipellar imparted Cacooned within a heart of gold Upon death her soul departed And a beautiful butterfly arose

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Georgie Hilderman 26 March 2017

beautifully crafted poem, gorgeous words

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So sad a poem and yet triumphant in spirit...beautifully written.I wish the poet was still alive so that I could tell him I'm sorry for your loss..

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Ash Frost 26 March 2017

beautiful explain of feeling given by poet

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