Cloudburst Poem by Robert Charles Howard


Rating: 2.1

Delusions of immortality
vanish in a heartbeat
as earth’s colossal magnets
clutch jagged fire ribbons -
flashing and ripping the midnight sky.

Driving torrents whistle
and lash against the glass.
A blinding bolt of fire
Shatters an old rock maple -
quaking our shelter to its footings.

Cosmic strobe lit concussions
stutter across the nightscape.
Thunderclaps pummel the air
like a feral timpanist gone mad.

The frenzied cacophony
at last relents -
rumbles in the distance
and the storm lumbers on
like a barbarian horde
off to sack another village.

July, 2007

Scarlett Treat 05 July 2007

I can hear the violent music in the background even as we speak, and see the balls of fire raining down from heaven....lights, sound - - ACTION! This is an awe inspiring piece of (music?) poetry. Thank you!

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Ivan Donn Carswell 06 July 2007

You certainly capture the immensity & unbridled, random energy of the storm's enigmatic character - personifying it doesn't in any way make it less terrifying. Rgds, Ivan

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Joseph Daly 09 July 2007

This has the music. In classical sense it make me think of the Pastoral Symphony by Beethoven, where the uncontrolable outburst of nature threatens, not just the picnic or the ramble or the simple pleasure of a wonderful day, it threatens the work itself. As with Beethoven, you do not allow that to happen here. The apparent negativity of the opening line only allows the reader to test their own judgement. In this poem, the calmness is only threatened by my allowing it to be. If that were the case I think I would miss the beauty of what is happening. Yes! There is conflict in this poem, but there is also a resolution and that, for me, provides the strength that is there to be had. Without doubt, a wonderful and powerful piece for which I thank you.

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Sandra Fowler 13 July 2007

It certainly took a creative spark to energize this vital poem.Great work, Robert. The conclusion is quite outstanding! Warmest regards, Sandra

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Ben Gieske 09 August 2007

A real wake up call. We are not masters of our universe even though we would like to be. We must be humble and admit the truth that sometimes nature still threatens us and amazes us leaving us shaking with wonderment and relief. You certainly have stired up the images and all of our senses. Do you listen to music while you compose your poetry? Ben

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Nalini Hebbar 20 December 2009

wonderful use of words...harsh and throaty...adds spite to the poem that depicts the terror felt...the uncertainty of human existence brought out well

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 21 August 2008

Robert, a true imagist you be, my friend....and so well is this claim showcased in this fine work.Smooth, evenflow fluxion throughout.... to boot! ~ F j R ~

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Ben Gieske 24 June 2008

'Delusions of immortality' - a real shaker upper and a brilliant way to start this poem off. It sets the tone perfectly with all the hard hitting, driving, fist-pounding, clamorous adjectives and verbs to follow. All your adjectives strike the same tenor and merge into one cacophonous phenomenum.

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Bianca J. Walker 23 June 2008

Your poems are experiences for the reader

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Melvina Germain 12 April 2008

Fabulous imagry Robert, kept my attention all the way through as a matter of fact you have the ability to bring the reader into your poem giving them a most appreicative experience, well you certainly did that for me. Thankyou Robert for this treasured piece of work. Melvina

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