Birthday Wishes For Both Val And Questor Poem by Dee Corpolongo

Birthday Wishes For Both Val And Questor

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I'd like to say 'happy Birthday'
to a well known friend, no two...
Both were born on January 13th
A shared blessing for me and you

They write many amazing Sonnets
and such beautiful poetry
they share them on here w/others
for all the world to see

Both have such special talent
to such an amazing degree
If I could write like they do
oh how happy I would be!

So I wish a Happy Birthday
to both Val and Questor too
and sending many {{{hugs}}}
to last you all year through.

I wanted to write a poem for two very special people....and could only come up with this 'Hallmark special'....sorry but made w/love!
Valerie Dohren 12 January 2014

Thank you so much Dee, you really are so very kind. Its a lovely poem and one which I shall treasure. It is going straight into my favs list. I don't know Questor, but will look him/her up. Lots of {{{hugs}}} to you also.

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Patricia Grantham 22 February 2014

Belated birthday wishes to Val and Crestor. A nice dedication to two fellow poets. You are a very unique poetess also Dee and oh so humble. Lovely.

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Kanav Justa 26 January 2014

, , i missed out on their birthdays, , , its a wonderful birthday poem for them, , i have read valerie, , she is an amazing poetess, , ,

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Lyn Paul 18 January 2014

Beautiful words Dee, you are so giving. Do not forget your own treasured talents. Thank you Dee

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes 13 January 2014

Thanks. Very thoughtful.

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Unwritten Soul 13 January 2014

Thanks Dee for beautiful remarks here, as for sharing with many about these great always sweet and nice to other and deserve not less than big hug and love from everybody around you. I wish i can give an eternal flame candle to Val for her always shining our days forever...and beautiful roses for your Questor, i dont know who is Questor but as this is your friend i am sure Questor is very nice person :) _Soul

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