Colours Poem by Wojja Fink


Rating: 5.0

After reading Hue Blues by Subroto Chaterjee

Colour me purple if not then in red
tear off my skin when my body is dead
find all bones are the colour of bread
colour me green colour me umber
look in my mind whilst I slumber
coloured thoughts paint future, past
when I'm gone the colour won't last....
colour me yellow colour me white
colour my soul in blinding light
colour my senses colour my skin
colour my body the Self lives within
colour my thoughts in one not two
colour my dreams in shades of you
colour my mind colour my soul
colour my shadow into a whole
colour my poems colour these words
coloured with feathers from passing birds
colour my friends colour my foes
cover my tracks so no one knows
colour my grave colour the sky
colour my love with no questions why,


Dr Hitesh Sheth 14 April 2009

Colour the world with ink of love Colour the world with a peace of dove............Good Write.............

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Scarlette Romero 17 April 2009

wow that a really good poem.i can't wait til i read the others.and the title fits so good.

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Allemagne Roßmann 18 April 2009

Devoured and savoured your colours of loife and love in your poetic representation.A fabulous 10 from me.

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Subroto Chatterjee 19 April 2009

Well Wojja, You are COLORFUL, and colorful....and colorful. And wonderful. I'm flattered, and hope to return the compliment sometime! Cheers. Subroto

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Christine Kerr 19 April 2009

I really like your colours Wojja. They have a sense about them and a nice flow.

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Sameer Ahmed 07 June 2009

A spectrum full of colors is blooming all through the poem with its uniqness reflecting in various hues....

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it is composition of rainbow and colours are vibgyor...fine one

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 21 May 2009

Your poems are pretty colourful as is Wojja - a great rainbow of a read. Greetings Cindy

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C. P. Sharma 10 May 2009

There is joy in variety of color......... a musical expression of joy. CP

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Philippa Lane 26 April 2009

Original, interesting...colour is a favourite subject of mine. You can find my three colour poems under Blue, Colour: Purple, (page 1) and Yellow, page 3. I really like reading your poetry. Have a great day! Philippa

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