Commonness Poem by Green Peace


Rating: 5.0

None can deny that they too feel the scorching heat of summer
The freezing ice of winter
None can deny that they too feel the vacuum of hunger
And sometimes feel the fire of anger.

None can deny that they too feel the same pain
Happy on the same gain
Bleed if something pierces-
Sorrow flowed by the ardent tears.

None can deny that they too feel the same greed
The same need
The same envy
The same irony!

None can deny that they too attach the same stigma of criticism
The same disdain
The same sentiments
The same expenses.

For we are all humans
The same homo sapiens group
The same love- hatred- shared in mankind
In the same debts bind.

None can deny that an informal feeling descends
Of this commonness, sameness
An identity is established
Of the fair and dark humanity.

Then why these walls?
Of the sameness
Of class, caste, religion?
Division--- Distinction--Competition---

None can deny the same similarity
And yet a difference.
That marks its essence
Of this embedded commonness

Note: The writer expresses the commonness of feelings shared among the same human community. This is collective unconsciousness wherein descends the informal feeling as if all people are my own and everything is my own property. Then why prevails these walls of class, religion etc? Again these walls only drive the essence of embedded commonness. They become separate again and yet one.

Anjali Sinha 01 November 2008

a beautiful write Gargi If all were to heed your advice Oh a wonderful world this would be +++10 regards anju

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Sathyanarayana M V S 31 May 2009

Gargi, this is really a wonderful expression of oneness..........very cleverly written.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 17 January 2009

lovely concept...the grouping occured long my 'manu's varna'....the groups are kept alive today for selfish reasons-10

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Kesav Easwaran 10 January 2009

personal evils and social evils...both have a difference in between... worse are social evils, for they are ruled over by rude mob emotions...good piece...10

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Aijaz Asif 07 November 2008

true so true..a lovely poem indeed with good messages in it...i liked it thanks 10

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Seema Chowdhury 04 November 2008

lovely poem i enjoyed the message in this poem.

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