Critical Poem by krissi b'williams


Rating: 3.8

every word you speak, every stare
you give
makes me seem so weak, along with every glare
never a look that says you forgive
just a blank look, like im not even there
with a shrug that states
how much you dont care
how dare
sit there a make
me seem so empty, a nobody too
who the hell are you

what give you the power
to make me shudder and cower
your so damn critical of everything i do
everyhting is wrong
according to the likes of you
you believe me weak, i believe me strong
and as always, like along...i will prove you wrong

who the hell
are you
to tell
me what to say and what to do
your are noone important other then to yourself
come on really, what in the hell
you critize me day after day
in everything i do, and everything i say
you put me down
face first in the ground
heres a mirror
so you can see yourself, much clearer
so that you
can see,
the fault is not with me
need to hold that mirror
and see more clearer
the only one you can degrade and critize
is you, and all that you, do
and too
the image in that reflection you hold infront of your eyes
so before you hate, before you despise
before you degrade and critize
hold that mirror
see yourself clearer
and judge not me, but judge you
oh, is it a difficult job to do...

Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

sarcasism is the best way to keep your voicew from cracking

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Obinna Eruchie 12 November 2009

You let him know his words can not hurt him and that he has to watch his words and himself before criticising you.

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moribund love 23 October 2009

nicely penned. words are flowing.10+

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Eyan Desir 23 October 2009

Good write..but you believe me weak? Why did u say that in the poem it's I am weak...? anyway it was a fun read

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