Dark Versus Light Poem by krissi b'williams

Dark Versus Light

Rating: 4.5

darkness has fallen, yet i see a tiny speck of light
it has become a very quiet night, in spite, of whats to be in this ferocious fight
it never fails..evil some how always prevails
as it should
when we insist on being bad, instead of being good! ! ! !
in its every kind of harshness...in the total darkness
i shake and quiver as i see, what the eternal darkness has in store 4 me
evil takes a step closer and once again
its been..the same fight, for eons of nights
from the start of times, til times end
some sort of Armageddon

the angels take a giant step forth
they intend to fight for all we are worth
and so begins...the devils' ghouls vs angels' wars
the goodness intent of washing away, our evil sins
that are cast deep from within
as the evil raises their black and bloody swords
the goodness bless us by singing their angelic praise chords
as the ultimate fight begins, or the most evil of sins
from the devil vs our lord

to give birth to the pure, and closed hearts that aren't sure
in what to believe, an on going battle over eternity's
i shake and quiver as i see..what the eternal darkness will do to me
the sinners souls that stand in the flames of fires
that never got the chance to allocate they're sins of greed, lust, envy, gluttony, nor desire
all of our evil sins..that have been cast from within
that have shadowed us in doubt
come closer' the angels shout
and cast all the evil out.....

and then the evil takes a step back, as goodness prepares to attack
goodness seems to hold its own, they hold their ground
but evil has been sneakily maneuvering around
us, silhouetted by dusk and earths dust
taking over our lack of trust
the goodness takes another step forth
as the evil continues to surround
us from all sides of the ground
the angels annoint, as evil covers all points
of south, west, east and north...yet the goodness steps forth

if if we dont believe in if heaven and hell are true
the goodness will fight for the sinners souls of me and you
heres a tough question: would you? ? ?
choose to recieve...the dark and its sins? ? ?
or believe....and feel the light of goodness, within
just a thought......where would you stand.....as this war is fought? ? ? ?

Eyan Desir 22 September 2009

A bit long but good story good write 10s

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kgnti dkritjgmdlo 08 August 2009

You write very well.I like thee archaic tone by which you resound in writ.

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Putholi Arumugham 08 August 2009

so long this poem, just flowing like a stream of consciousness not failing to take the reader along with it good one

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