Daddy’s Boots (Children) Poem by Cj Heck

Daddy’s Boots (Children)

Rating: 4.8

Daddy left his boots for me
and here I have to stay
‘cause Daddy is a soldier,
I’m in charge while he’s away.

In Daddy’s boots I can pretend
that now I am the man
who does the things that Daddy does
as only Daddy can.

I help with little brother,
I help with folding clothes,
I help to set the table,
and I hope Daddy knows

that every day I wear his boots
so I’ll feel close to him
and I try to keep Mom happy
till he comes home again.

I know that he’s protecting us.
That’s what soldiers do,
but his boots are way too big for me
and my job, being him, is too.

Mom, when is Daddy coming home?
I miss him all the time.
She said Daddy would be proud of me
and his boots... fit me just fine.

(For my grandson, Will Jr., with love. His daddy is in Iraq)

Rusty Daily 25 November 2005

CJ, Powerful...As all good sons do, he wants to be just like Daddy and be the man. This child literally and figuratively wants to walk in his Daddy's shoes but also has the intelligence to know those are pretty big boots to fill. His Mother sees in the child the man he will be by trying to fill his Daddy's boots and as far as she's concerned all that is left is physically growing into the man her son is to become. This poem is complete in its discription of a Father's adoring son. Rusty

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Joseph Daly 23 November 2005

CJ, Another one that begs the question: why do children get all the best things? A fantastic meditation on responsibility and innocence. love Denis Joe XXX

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Amanda Lukas 23 November 2005

This is adorable. I just lost a good friend to the war, so I can totally relate.

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Uriah Hamilton 23 November 2005

A lovely poem for thanksgiving when so many are away from their families.

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Not Long Left 23 November 2005

such a sweet look at how a child views his fathers role, as a soldier and a father, i really like your poems it interests me that sometimes the simplest, poems have the most power. regards vincent

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