Watching Her Daddy Come Poem by sania harris

Watching Her Daddy Come

Rating: 4.7

The cherry wind stroke her face
Shuffling her locks aside
With a beaming smile she sat awake
To watch her daddy come

Her scenic eyes were going scarlet
And often she closed them soft
But nothing stopped her blue eyes wide
To watch her daddy come

She fell tired every minute or two
And again she wakes to look
With a longing face and crimson eyes
To watch her daddy come

Today or tomorrow, he may come she knew
With loads of sweets and candy
To receive with hugs and sugary kisses
She waited for him alone

When time goes by, she will fall asleep
And wake up a bright new day
She will forget about her daddy to come
And will drowse in her games along the bay

When the lights go off and the smile fades off
She goes to her ancient window
With a longing face and crimson eyes
To watch her daddy come

February 9,2008

Dr.Wardha Jawdat 19 November 2008

excellent piece..your thoughts have a creative brilliance that shows anyone who cares to read carefully that you have wonderous promise and aptitude for poetry....never stop you grow older youll see these pieces and perhaps smile at, and understand what ive just told you.

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Blue Eyes 16 November 2008

wow, i haven`t thought that a girl of ur age could write such poem it is great.

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Raja Basu 05 November 2008

Sania, u r truely talented.

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Ency Bearis 04 November 2008

a good write..with good deliverance..great poem... Ency Bearis

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Carl Harris 04 November 2008

This is a very, very good poem, Nia, and overall it is well written and expressed. In your 1st line of the 1st verse the word 'stroke' should be 'stroked' her face. The rest of this verse, as well as the 2nd and 3rd verses are excellent. At the beginning of the 4th verse, the use of 'Today or tomorrow' makes the line too long or 'unbalanced' as we say; try Anyday he may come, she knew... In the next verse,2nd line, doesn't And wakes up TO a bright new day sound better? The rest of the poem is fine. A very impressive write for one as young as you are. Carl.

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Rita Hawkins 26 December 2008

just yet one more great poem, bravo.

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Kelvin Karani 14 December 2008

keep writing girl. i see you somewhere, i mean, when all is done with down here, you could be the next yeats, or just sania great in your own right! how about that?

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Joseph Poewhit 01 December 2008

Good Daddy's are important in a girls life

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Ravi Sathasivam 30 November 2008

A nice poem with meaningful deliverance. Great write my friend. Keep up

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Madison Yeater 30 November 2008

very nice. no words can describe the beauty of this poem.

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