Dear 2020 Poem by Kingsley Egbukole

Dear 2020

Rating: 5.0

As we expect you eagerly
I welcome you in advance
While on the way to come
Do purge yourself of wars
Anger, hatred and bitterness
Saturated the world already is with these
But love, peace and unity we hunger
Abundance of these we urge you
In your luggage carry to us
The best you will surely be
Before and after you to come.

(Tuesday 31st December,2019,7.36pm)

Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: unity,love,new year,peace,hoping
Expecting world love, peace and unity in 2020
Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 January 2020

A very unique message for year 2020. Powerful and insightful. I concur with your thoughts that the world needs love, peace and unity. A well thought out and conveyed write.

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Kingsley Egbukole 16 January 2020

Thanks Rose for your understanding and appreciation. Remain blessed

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Kesav Easwaran 04 January 2020

A very warming welcome write. Welcome to New dawn New Year New world. A well written poem message rich 10/10

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Kingsley Egbukole 05 January 2020

Well appreciated dear Kesav.

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Shaun Cronick 01 January 2020

You express and clarion it so well Kingsley. So well expressed. A beautiful message to carry in our heart and soul. Thank you good Kingsley for writing and sharing this noble poem for each and all to share. 10++ and added to my peace and harmony treasure chest. And best wishes for you sir and the loved around you, in this New Year.

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Kingsley Egbukole 03 January 2020

Thank you dear friend for your lovely comments. I am honoured to have this poem added to your peace and harmony treasure chest. I pray for a greater friendship in 2020. Hope 2020 brings good health, joy and happiness to you and your loved ones. Remain blessed

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Panagiota 31 December 2019

In your luggage carry to us....lovely 10+

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Kingsley Egbukole 02 January 2020

Dear Panagiota, thanks so much. Wish you the best of 2020.

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Edward Kofi Louis 31 December 2019

The best! ! All that we need; Positiveness! ! ! Muse of 2020; Welcome. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Kingsley Egbukole 02 January 2020

Thanks dear friend. Wish you the best this 2020.

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