Death By Grace Poem by abhimanyu kumar.s

Death By Grace

Rating: 5.0

Past was a gift to be alive
But to be now is a very hell
By secondary means of pursuit
The visible animal activities and all
All are framing under death.

The shines and flowers
Dream land and hard toil
Peaceful sleep and joy
Mocks the life of present
Were no rest rests.

The round ocean and pure air
Sparkling lives and peaceful mind
A life of past in a grace
Everything gold for a touch
Now remains old and old in new.

A passion for work and deeds
Graceful bliss and solemn images
All were pleasures and treasures
Everywhere the love and kindness
Now it's the emptiness in a living corpse.

Much said of the past
Present, what to say and hear
All remains barren in all
All the lives are a curse
We need a death and only death
A death which is a grace.

Divya Divya B 21 November 2011

excellent master piece keep it up

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lover of poetry sweet 15 October 2011

you are a great poet bro. keep it up

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Dave Walker 14 October 2011

great poem as always. good write.

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