Death Of A Street Boy Poem by Ashraful Musaddeq

Death Of A Street Boy

Rating: 2.7

A street boy died days gone by
No newspaper found interested
Died as a person, a yellow leaf
Prefixed death of a living being

Dawn and time under a big tree
Enjoyed burning summer-noon
Evening mutely entered rat-hole
Silent moon passed by this way

Street person's death— too light
Exited through indifferent door
But no change or effect sprouts
Like pop star— Michel Jackson

Indira Babbellapati 11 July 2009

death loves all equally...the rest is mere exhibitionism...simple and philosophical!

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Rafique Farooqi 12 July 2009

good tribute for MJ he will live in hearts of people for centuries

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oh..i read this poem before..touching ending Ashraf..yes i remember that i did comment...excellent writing dear friend

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Raj Arumugam 12 July 2009

the poem captures is the sadness of life so is sad indeed...

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Brishti Mazumdar 13 July 2009

...liked your thought process...It is so true...10+

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Wahab Abdul 08 January 2012

nice poem..though very sad...this poem says lot about humanity...please read my poems

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Issam Hal 04 July 2010

really so great lines make u watch this poem's image so clear.

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Zobaer Bin Liaquot 01 May 2010

So touching........ dear sir 10+

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Lillian Thomas 23 October 2009

very well written. The images captured are stunning. My favorite lines are: 'Evening mutely entered rat-hole Silent moon passed by this way'

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Segun Johnson Ozique 26 August 2009

True, so true and sad. I got tear forming as I write this. Few streets from here, where I live - Adura, lagos - Nigeria, close to a major TV station; AIT. There's been a woman dead along a major road the past five days. Everyone knew, Everyone walked passed, I passed. On the day Michael died, AIT aired it for hours, days and weeks. The dead woman is still there and then I read 'Death of a Streetboy...sorry, got to stop now, my vision's blurring...

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