Dem Bones! Poem by Ernestine Northover

Dem Bones!

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My Husband's Grandmother,
who had reached the grand old age of 98 years,
died one 23rd of December,
and as her funeral couldn't be organised
until the 6th of January, the following year,
her Son asked the Funeral Director,
to explain what was happening to his Mother
over the Christmas period.

The Funeral Director in his severe black suit,
with a face even more severe,
placed a hand on the Son's shoulder, and said,
'Don't you worry, Mr Taylor,
we have a Skeleton Staff in over Christmas'.

This is a true story, but we found it to be so hilarious.

Uriah Hamilton 25 July 2006

That is funny! ! ! but I still feel sad.

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The Right Reverend Wessul 06 August 2006

Very enjoyable! Thank you for the tip. Also great job on descibing the incident effectivly in your poem. Much appreciated. TRRW

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Duncan Wyllie 26 July 2006

Yet another reason to love you Ernestine, this is so accidental, many of us have put our foot in it, seldom though our whole body Laughing all the way! ! Love duncan X

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Lyn Paul 06 May 2014

I love the uplifting write and more so that your family found this to be funny. I hope your Husband's Grandmother was smiling from above. I too like Paul have had years of experience as a Funeral Director. Thank You

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Paul Henry Dallaire 21 May 2009

Haha.hehe. As a funeral Director I can relate to that one.

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Paul Henry Dallaire 15 January 2009

As a Funeral Director myself a little humour never hurts at the right place. Ha ha.

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Andrew Blakemore 31 March 2008

Very funny thanks for sharing. Might get my mom to include this in our church newsletter if you don't mind. Thanks, Andrew x

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Brian Dorn 08 August 2006

Ernestine, it sounds like 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.' Good write, perfect title! ! Brian

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