Dental Helmet Poem by ONElia AVElar

Dental Helmet

Rating: 3.0

Smiling lips in my front
Shiny enamel of teeth
I think about my tongue,
if they should ever meet -
my tongue and your teeth?

Can i kiss you smiling?
Tooth enamel is shining
and so distracting me...
I heard it should be
the hardest part
of the human body...

What if it faces the softest,
boneless part of me;
what are the odds of
my supple tongue`s velvet
against your shiny
dental helmet...

R.k Das 12 March 2008

a unique theme to write a poem, a very observant poet, a poem of lips, tooth. and smile and of course kisses, , , a well-crafted poem,

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How many obstacles between two kissing mouths! Not, only a few.

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Flora Gillingham 24 March 2008

I love this poem. Wonderfully sexy in an off-beat way. F

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Donall Dempsey 07 April 2008

Wonderful concept with a wild surreal beauty all of its own...lips speak of kissing and speak with kisses. So sensual in its thought processs and such a unique way of being aware of someone and the about to be about to happen. Wonderful..wonderful...wonderful! love Donall Donall

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David Desantis 29 April 2008

hahah wow, what a great display of images...i've never seen one analyze the teeth so well. But i sense in the closing lines that this is a metaphor for how a heart can be broken as well, as if teeth were to cut tongue when locking. This one is great, I wish I had thought of it.10/10

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Ashraful Musaddeq 10 September 2008

A different type of poem, but not exotic. Tasty to read and 10 for that.

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Janice Windle 31 August 2008

Onelia! I love this sexy poem! With your usual subtlety you write simultaneously directly and tangentially about the sensations of the longed-for kiss and the relationship that it would stem from. Brilliant imaginative work! x Jan

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C. P. Sharma 29 August 2008

One, I think that is how a dentist looks at kiss, And a heartfelt love its expression miss. Like the lovers on the Grecian Urn, Perpetual bliss in their minds churn. lol

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Coach Roth 26 June 2008

I read this a while ago...didn't realize I didn't comment....wonderful movement from the hard 'technical' imagery to the sensual...I could visualize the kiss...or hope thereof...Coach

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Emancipation Planz 21 May 2008

ON ON ON top of things again I see it slithers... but OFF the Boneless...? ? ?

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