Dirty Secret Poem by Sonya Florentino

Dirty Secret

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He touched her when he shouldn’t have
Made her feel so very bad
He touched her and made her keep
A dirty secret

He took a little girl and gave her
Something that she’s never had
A living, breathing waking nightmare

I was mad, and I was sad
But I am so much stronger
I’ve taken back that little girl
And we are starting over

Life was sad, life was bad
But now it’s finally over
He never touched my little soul
I hid it under covers

James Mclain 03 November 2009

and this did catch.. my attention.. though i hid it not from....iip

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Robart Frocheart 03 November 2009

A difficult subject handled with great class, skill and courage.May all flourish so well, Sonya. thanks, s

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Rakesh Bedi 03 November 2009

.... But i am so stronger..... yes sonya, strength is dealing with ones inner self n not with the outer world... very bold poem of poets true courage n bravery, dear....god bless! ! !

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Patti Masterman 04 November 2009

Gosh, this took my breath away with it's implications and the conquering-hero sort of way you ended it. It's double genius blessed; seen through the eyes of reality and a small child at the same time. I have to applaud you for a perfect handling of such a difficult subject matter.

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Scarlett Treat 04 November 2009

Welcome back to the world of strength recovered! As everyone else has already said, you took a VERY hard subject and handled it well and skillfully! I felt the pain of that little girl with her 'dirty secret...' But I hope everyone who reads this poem realizes that it IS NOT HER 'DIRTY SECRET' AT ALL, BUT HIS SHAMEFUL ONE! !

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You have written this with dignity and in doing so have let the readers here into your heart, to find they support you every inch of the way. You have the gift of writing and have done it in such a way, I am proud of how you expressed yourself and overcome your secret. There are just so many people with a secret like yours and this is so very sad....excellent work! 10 love Karin

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Meggie Gultiano 10 November 2009

I was mad, and I was sad But I am so much stronger I’ve taken back that little girl And we are starting over ....................... You must, you must..because there is no other but to be strong. You've conveyed this message loud and clear.. Keep out that cobwebs inside your heart, inside your mind.. Surrender everything to the Almighty..He is the God Of New Beginning. Be at peace with yourself.I know you are strong thank you dear friend with this sharing... God bless you..Shalom! ! ! Love♥ ♥ ♥ Meggie

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Terri Turrell 09 November 2009

you write it lighter to make it safer you rob the acts of their control over you by stealing their power to hold you emotionaly captive...I understand that. you wrote this well

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Susan Jarvis 08 November 2009

A truly moving poem that manages to reveal glimmers of light amid the darkness; 'I’ve taken back that little girl / And we are starting over' being a wonderful example - but it's that final line that really hits home. A powerful and heartrending piece. S

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R. H. Peat 08 November 2009

Victim poems are tough to write, they need to show a way out of the labyrinth, I like the way you handled this by giving the reader a surviver. And it also allows for the forgiveness and not the acceptance of the act which is necessary for healing. Well done. This kind of poem is tough to write. a poet friend RH Peat

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Sonya Florentino

Sonya Florentino

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