Don’t Hold Poem by Ashraful Musaddeq

Don’t Hold

Rating: 4.8

Don’t hold me tight
We are crossing zero!

Let’s forget
Mind was on mind.

Hands grows old
Coldness is increasing
Up to decease
Love lies like old cat!

We are demanding for
The smell of new hands!

Zero is the end of

Elizabeth Mpanga 29 August 2008

strange but makes alot of sense to me. very interesting reading it makes

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Jayaprakash Panicker 29 August 2008

zero is hope for many end for many other it is a circle for few it is vicious for yet another fews. for, reading your poem, it is an imcompassing. holding things in their real holds. good read ashraf friend. best wishes to all my neighbours next border.

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Elida Cumani 29 August 2008

I have to say it, i really really like this one.Well done

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David Harris 29 August 2008

A very interesting poem that makes you think. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. David

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Subbaraman N V 30 August 2008

A nice poem with a message! Great write!

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Uzma Jamil 16 May 2009

easy words but wd depth in thoughts.............. only the who experiences can well describe. regards.

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Muhammad Ali 14 May 2009

it is as some one takes his thoughts from his mind by his hands and places them before us... very easy to read but very mush difficult to say! ! ! just love! ! 10.. Ali

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Aijaz Asif 20 September 2008

starting from zero and zero is the end....a very well written poem ashraf.....10/10

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Tsira Goge 20 September 2008

Ashraful, It is very wise and effective work... 10... Tsira

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Not a member No 3 12 September 2008

Carefully chosen shards of meaning combined to great effect. Wisdom and experience both selectively at work. Worth rereading and taking time over. A fine poem.

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