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Rating: 3.1

Because her eyes were far too deep
And holy for a laugh to leap
Across the brink where sorrow tried
To drown within the amber tide;
Because the looks, whose ripples kissed
The trembling lids through tender mist,
Were dazzled with a radiant gleam--
Because of this I called her 'Dream.'

Because the roses growing wild

About her features when she smiled
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Seamus O Brian 13 August 2017

A skillfully woven tapestry of praise for a mysterious and intriguing subject. Interestingly, there is no real mention of physical beauty here, yet this reader is left with the sense that I have been in the presence of a deep and significant beauty far transcending physical features.

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Susan Williams 13 August 2017

Ah... I missed that. Well done, Seamus.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 August 2017

Beautiful poem having stunning and thrilling expression. Thanks and congratulation to his soul.

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Edward Kofi Louis 13 August 2017

Nestled in her palm! Thanks for sharing.

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Savita Tyagi 13 August 2018

An excellent and visionary poem. One that demands a reader to read it again and again and be merged in those Dream like words.

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Rich Tassinari 13 August 2019

Is she a dream? I think not. But, is she in reality someone who is as a dream come true? I think so. Did her life and death inspire the poem? I think so. And a way to react to a loved one's death with a testimonial to her instead of pity for oneself for the loss.

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Ruta Mohapatra 13 August 2019

Such beautiful poetry! Rich, flowing and glowing!

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Kenneth Maswabi 13 August 2019

It is a beautiful poem full of beautiful words...thank you.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 13 August 2019

Embodiment of celestial beauty that visited like a fairy in dream and her refined features, majestic looks and tenderness in her movements compels to call her a celestial dream Great captivating poem. Well deserved modern poem of the Day.

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Aniruddha Pathak 13 August 2019

Because she vanished like a gleam Of glory, do I call her 'Dream.'.... What a lovely piece written so well! Thank God, it is a Modern Poem, but not so modern, the kind of stuff seen now so often.

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