Dream Poems: 151 / 500


Rating: 4.8

Dream flowers
And islands
Unseen land
And oceans

Travel through the clouds
Seeing mountains and trees
Oh! wonder land
I love you so much.

It is a dream
To swim in the air
To dive in the water
A dream never dreamed.

Dorothy- A. Holmes 29 April 2015

Beautifully expressed! A most enjoyable read! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Vishal Sharma 22 August 2013

great dream a soul soothing poem great write

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Valsa George 20 August 2013

Riding on the magic carpet of imagination! A lovely poem! !

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Poetheart Morgan 19 August 2013

A dream never dreamed will never be real. Needed first touch the soul, then the dreams then the reality, Very beautiful Poet!

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Zandile Zoya 19 August 2013

what a nice dream # i like

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Jennifer Birchall 24 March 2019

A very beautiful poem with wonderful imagery.

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Bisy Untan 01 April 2018

Dream is the soft touch of consciousness on our experiences. The comfort of it can be enjoyed with you by sitting together on the magical cloud of your imagination.

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Very short, but nicely written, well depicted.

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Dr Antony Theodore 09 April 2016

It is a dream To swim in the air To dive in the water A dream never dreamed... living in beautiful dream world and enjoying the dream. this is a special quality of a poetic mind. you are really a poet. thank you dear poet. tony

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Renu Kakkar 11 July 2015

A poet who wants to fly with his soul.

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