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Drug Dealer

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All my people that’s drug dealing just to get by because you to young to get a nine to five all it takes is one hit and one hand full of money to turn a young boy funny he just waiting for his new supply from his new guy but he gets ripped off but he don’t go to the cops he loads a full clip and when he find that dumb switch he unloads his clip into the other guys hip drug dealing isn’t a good job to have but if you can’t get work you might as well take work this is to all my people out side all winter waiting for customers keep that drug dealing steady because you always got to be paranoid and ready for war all that drugs do is kill and take but you don’t care just as long you got a hand full of paper later on you got to go get some rolling paper and smoke your pain away this is to all my people that’s drug dealing just to get by stacking your money till it gets sky high keep stacking your paper peace

Arabian Heart 16 September 2008

the story of money and smoke choking the way you see yourself taking the way of your heart to save others pain Ian look to your then try to help me understand more

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Sathyanarayana M V S 16 September 2008

Ian! Your feelings are very good. But maintain some structure. Small lines, seperated into stanzazs depending on ending of one feeling/emotion like that.

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