Domestic Poem by ONElia AVElar


Rating: 3.1

I am at home
but still homesick
my homeless heart
is sick - true home for
heart is much to seek.

Howard Johnson 07 April 2008

Excellent haiku, loved every word,

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Flora Gillingham 08 April 2008

Leleee strahotno, da da da mnogo e yako! Vurha e tova! Haresva mi. Haha. LOL F

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Dr.subhendu Kar 11 April 2008

home when wishful by the heart as the heart when heartful by the home............superb write yet luscious and soft, i do enjoy,10/10, thanks for sharing

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Ivan Donn Carswell 14 April 2008

homesick - heartsick; a home in the heart. The poignancy is undeniable. Rgds, Ivan

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Rani Turton 17 April 2008

Written simply but to great effect. Brilliant, Onelia.

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Original Unknown Girl 01 May 2009

Darling, you always manage to say SO MUCH with so few words. It is a trick I have never yet mastered. Love this one. There must be a home waiting to house your heart! HG: -) xx

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C. P. Sharma 17 October 2008

There is a Home away from home, It is covered with a pleasure dome. We came from there, there we go, We are homesick for lurking glow.

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Indira Renganathan 19 August 2008

Very true, very true.Homeless heart is just a house of emptied love.10+++++Thanks for sharing

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Chitra - 19 July 2008

nice one, so much said with jsut a few words

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In this poem somebody feels like one hasn't been back at home again.

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